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Star Wars: Castaway (Another Set of Eyes universe)
Author's Note: This story in the Another Set of Eyes AU was written in response to this prompt given to me for Star Wars Month by MasterOf4Elements, to write about "Han and Luke sharing the responsibility as being the strongest male examples in Ben's life and how they missed or ignored the signs he was being pulled to the Dark Side."  I do hope Masterof4Elements will forgive the liberties I took with the prompt; while I am definitely focusing on the dynamics of the male influences on Ben Solo in this story, my view of the Solo-Skywalker family dynamics is quite a bit different from what I see as the "normal" while I will certainly also be addressing the growing danger of the Dark Side, and the male figures in Ben's life, I will have to go where the story goes for the rest, which won't quite be on track with the prompt as it originally was.

The mood in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon w
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 7 21
SW In the Burning of the Light: Patch Management
Author's Note: This story takes place before "Not a Slave," but given the depth to which Tarssus Kallig's background is discussed, I feel that it fits best in the reading order after Part 3 of 5 of "Forever Is Who We Are."

Star Wars: The Old Republic

In the Burning of the Light
"Patch Management"
"Oh, dear," I muttered to myself as soon as I'd had the chance to inspect the contents of the package that had arrived at the Fury's airlock on Nar Shaddaa.  "This simply will not do at all."
The robes had arrived perfectly color-matched to my selection: a light grey-blue with a long tabard in shades of white, grey, and red, and ornamentation in dark blue and white.  That wasn't the trouble.  And if I wasn't mistaken, the patternfitting scanner appeared to have done its work and sized everything appropriately to my frame.  There was, however, one thing glaringly wrong with each of the three identical robes.  No...more like
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 3 8
Star Wars ItBotL: Forever Is Who We Are, Pt 3 of 5
Star Wars: The Old Republic
In the Burning of the Light
"Forever Is Who We Are"
Part 3: Within the Mists' Embrace

"Lord Aloysius."  I greeted my long-distant ancestor, the one from whose relic I had forged my diadem.  The one spirit I had encountered in my struggles against Zash and Thanaton who had never once told me false.  "Do forgive my surprise from earlier.  I was not expecting any of you.  And you, m'lord...I was unaware you had found another way to leave the Dark Temple."
"Your actions have reached further than any of us could have expected, my son.  I may not have been the target of your healing, but healed I have been nonetheless."  There it was again: my son.  I could feel the radiance in my ancestor's voice like the beams of the Dromund star upon my frame.  If Lord Aloysius could have made his forgotten smile visible to me somehow, I believe he would have then. 
"Tarssus--Darth I
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 3 17
Madeleine L'Engle Stamp by RensKnight Madeleine L'Engle Stamp :iconrensknight:RensKnight 1 4
The Annotated Sith Code: A Christian Geek Ponders
This is a companion piece to my poster, "The Annotated Sith Code."  Please click to view the poster if you would like to follow along with it.

The Annotated Sith Code:
A Christian Geek Ponders

This can't be.
I'm sure that's what some of you are thinking as you read this, stunned that I would actually draw anything good out of the Sith Code.  We all know what the Sith onscreen have done, and all of my fandom aside, I do not dismiss that.  Nor, for my Christian readers, do I set a work of fiction above the Word of God.  Though I draw great inspiration from the wonderful things that people create around me, I cannot be more clear on this fact: that it is above all a work of fiction.  It is a fictional work that I find useful as a memory aid to recall certain principles, but it remains firmly in its place as that and no more.  It is the Word of Go
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 5 21
The Annotated Sith Code POSTER by RensKnight The Annotated Sith Code POSTER :iconrensknight:RensKnight 7 5 Miniature Kylo, Maximum Danger by RensKnight Miniature Kylo, Maximum Danger :iconrensknight:RensKnight 25 5 Young Wizards Stamp by RensKnight Young Wizards Stamp :iconrensknight:RensKnight 0 0
SW: To Tread Upon Such Hollow Ground (ASoE)
Author's Note: Readers of Another Set of Eyes will recognize what is going on here in full.  However, I think others will enjoy this story as well, without any knowledge of my other stories or their characters.  I do have to warn everyone though...this story is NOT a friendly or pretty one, and especially not the feelings swirling around the tormented soul of one General Leia Organa.  In some moments, enough grief, pain, and betrayal can create a very ugly picture--things that in better times, we might be ashamed of. 
This is one of those moments.

"To Tread Upon Such Hollow Ground"
The ground rushes up to meet her--closer, closer,'s cracking open--the planet is cracking apart, this gutted crystalline sphere--
--no.  This isn't that
place--that place--the last place anyone ever saw him alive...saw him--which him--damn him, bless him.  He took him--damn it, which one, the thief or
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 4 6
Kylo Ren and Company by RensKnight Kylo Ren and Company :iconrensknight:RensKnight 6 10 Awkward Family Photo 3 by RensKnight Awkward Family Photo 3 :iconrensknight:RensKnight 11 2 Awkward Family Photo 2 by RensKnight Awkward Family Photo 2 :iconrensknight:RensKnight 15 10 Awkward Family Photo 1 by RensKnight Awkward Family Photo 1 :iconrensknight:RensKnight 12 9
ItBotL: Forever is Who We Are, Part 2 of 5
Star Wars: The Old Republic
In the Burning of the Light

"Forever Is Who We Are"
Part 2: The Ethereal Counsel

It went without saying that my meditations were disturbed, and not just as Ashara, the former Jedi, would have it.  Even by the kinder judgment of the Sith, there was no other word for it.  I found it impossible to be still--equally impossible to move, to dance.  Even when one has learnt to thrive on a multitude of diverse passions as I have, it is about bloody well impossible to meditate when one can barely sustain the energy of a particular one for even a minute at a time.  And that is how it is when grief first seizes the spirit: the soul careens from one state to another seemingly at random...about the only thing like meditation I supposed I could manage was to simply taste this turbulence, name it for what it was.  Live with it. with it.
My heart warred between yearning for solitude and a desperate d
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 2 2
(POEM) Soliloquy of an Obsolescent Soul
Be still and know that I as well am Man,
Though indecorous in my thoughts and speech
I seem to those who willingly partake
In shackled tongues and stack-ranked claims to wail.
To you I seem a rough and calloused soul,
Depravity enfleshed, and cold beyond
All care, but did you ever pause to think
That what I hope to gain through all that seems
To bring hard trial is not to keep some down,
But in my greatest dreams raise high all those
Whose labor seems in vain?  Perhaps it's now
Passé to hint that that which hails from blood
Might still in some exotic sense spring forth
From spirits not wrought out of refuse, yet
Instead comprised of that same stuff that drives
The highest loves of all our fellow Men.
To some, I charge, I am become their sword
To wield some frightful day when crisis falls
Upon our heads, but then to cast as far
Away from cultured men as strength and spite
Allow, no more to look upon their world.
Do you not comprehend that I in all
That separates my nature from
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 3 5
SWTOR ItBotL: Forever Is Who We Are, Part 1 of 5
(Author's Note: This story takes place about a month after the conclusion of Thanaton's Kaggath against Lord Kallig, and Kallig's accession to the Dark Council.)

Star Wars: The Old Republic
In the Burning of the Light

"Forever Is Who We Are"
Part 1: Master of the Dead

It is said about the Sith Order that to us there is no greater enemy than death itself, which some regard as the very antithesis of the Force we wield.  I cannot entirely disagree, for there is a strong sense of something disturbing, something corrupt in the process of dying, something that runs counter to every instinct: to survive, to love, to create beauty out of disparate things...all of these suffer a constant attack from the forces of mortality.  There is something hateful and cold in the ravages of death upon living things.  This I cannot deny, for to do so would be to deny that there is something precious, something worth defending, in life.
And yet I cannot help
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 1 5


Title goes here (because I can't think of one) by AngelTigress03 Title goes here (because I can't think of one) :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 4 3 Mandos by JankaLateckova Mandos :iconjankalateckova:JankaLateckova 127 22 Aboriginal Predator by mangrasshopper Aboriginal Predator :iconmangrasshopper:mangrasshopper 174 15 Corvius Silencer by erlanarya Corvius Silencer :iconerlanarya:erlanarya 95 8 Blue water dragon by AlviaAlcedo Blue water dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,422 37 Nine for Mortal Iconians, doomed to die, by Zyncstead Nine for Mortal Iconians, doomed to die, :iconzyncstead:Zyncstead 12 1 Velvet Dress 2010 by LenoraGewandungen Velvet Dress 2010 :iconlenoragewandungen:LenoraGewandungen 91 5 Join the Dark Side by AngelofDeathz Join the Dark Side :iconangelofdeathz:AngelofDeathz 200 27 The dark side had cookies by Yukiria The dark side had cookies :iconyukiria:Yukiria 64 10 Dark side Rey by pandamune Dark side Rey :iconpandamune:pandamune 245 11 The Knight of Rey by Withoutafuss The Knight of Rey :iconwithoutafuss:Withoutafuss 1,056 58 Star Wars: Dark Rey by LittleChmura Star Wars: Dark Rey :iconlittlechmura:LittleChmura 112 17 Andromeda Flyby by Eaglesg Andromeda Flyby :iconeaglesg:Eaglesg 103 22 Grandma Fenmey by Yagellonica Grandma Fenmey :iconyagellonica:Yagellonica 58 26
Sinking - A Star Wars Fanfic
    "Huh...?" Ben Solo mumbled, rolling over. He winced. Ow... The ground was so hard. He pressed an elbow into the dirt, pushing up into a partially sitting position. He leaned against that arm, blinking his sticky eyes to break away the glue-like substance holding them shut, and glanced around. His bare arms were lined with marks where they had been pressed against rocks and grass, and his old night shirt was torn in spots on the sleeves and bottom. His shorts didn't appear in much better condition. Where was he?
    No response. The child appeared to be in a dark forest. The sky was gloomy and covered with clouds, so he was unable to see very well at all without any moonlight. It was cold, the trees looked dead, and there was very little grass. Not to mention, the little bit of grass growing appeared old, dry, and dead, too. Everything appeared to be dying... It also didn't look like the planet Daddy had taken them on
:iconrainingstarwars:RainingStarWars 3 16
Falcon Psdelux by psdeluxe Falcon Psdelux :iconpsdeluxe:psdeluxe 558 12



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Things are not looking good with my grandma.  I will be finding out more over the next couple of days, but the end may be coming sooner rather than later.  Please pray for my family in this time.
I would really appreciate any 98 (almost 99!) year old grandmother is in the hospital with a partial intestinal blockage. I am really hoping for a swift recovery without the treatment being too difficult on her body. And also prayers for the family as we wait for further news.
I don't even like Doctor Who, but this is hilarious. Looks like now we know for real what happens when a Dalek gets sick of exterminating! :D

Security robot 'drowns' after plunging into fountain


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